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Posted By Ted Baumhauer
It’s spring again and that means it is time for piano recitals. A couple of weeks ago I attended my first; it was for my middle daughter. It was pleasantly enjoyable for a number of reasons, the students played well, it was a lovely setting, and the teachers did a superior job with each student regardless of their playing level. As I watched each of the students take their turn on the piano it struck me that these music teachers knew a thing or two about developing talent that we could all learn from. 
First this idea of a recital, a formal time and place to put your talent on display in public. This puts both student and teacher on the same side because both want to look good in front of others so both have reason to work cooperatively together. The student has to trust the teacher to get them ready and the teacher trusts the student by putting them on display. Sure a lot can happen and when it clicks the relationship between the two can grow which leads to higher levels of skill.
Also, in this particular recital, each student played their piece on their own first, then as a duet with their teacher accompanying them. Without exception from beginner to skilled musicians the second piece was beautiful. This practice lets the teacher pull more out of the student then they can do alone and builds confidence that they can produce a beautiful piece of music. Again the relationship between the two is strengthened and moves them along to higher levels of skill.
When do let our employees work on their own and trust them to perform without us in public? How can we do this? How can we work with our reports in a very collaborative way to lift their level of performance without doing it all for them? 



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