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At the podium

Currently I'm reading Seth Godin's book Tribes where he calls on us to be leaders.  He says the world needs us to lead.  Creating and leading one of these tribes and being a thought leader is a different kind of leadership.

There is no reporting structure, no product or service delivered, and your followers are all volunteers.  This requires a different set of skills than leading a work team.

Being a thought leader takes content skill or knowledge, writing, and speaking skills.

Just being a content expert is not enough to get you recognized on a larger scale.  Writing articles, research, or even a blog gets your thoughts out and into the public.  Others can react to what you say and both the writer and reader can push each other to new insights.  Writing gets your thoughts out there, good witing gets your thoughts read.

The power of speaking is that it is the number 1 fear.  When you can speak, with authority, to an audience it creates a perception of power and therefore you are perceived as a leader.

Putting the three together puts you in the fore front and gets your message out.  That's what, I believe, Seth Godin is talking about in Tribes and what TED Talks are about.




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