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Posted By Ted Baumhauer

Joel Goodman puts on a Humor Conference every year in Saratoga Springs, NY area. It is a very well run and informative conference and I highly recommend it. When I attended, Kevin Clash, aka the voice of Elmo, attended and received an award for his outstanding work. One morning during the conference I had the pleasure of having breakfast with him and getting to know him a little bit. Several times during that brief time someone would come over and say hi and mention that their 2 to 4 year old loved Elmo. Every time Kevin did the same thing. He asked where their child was at the moment. If they were home and near a phone Kevin would offer to have Elmo talk to them. You can imagine how each parent felt that they had arranged for their child to speak personally with Elmo! That had to make their day, week, month! 

I asked Kevin about it. He explained that most of the time he is completely anonymous, that Elmo has given him a great life that isn’t in the public eye and that when he can he is more than happy to give of himself and Elmo. 

What a great lesson. Kevin recognizes those great things in his life and how Elmo has made it all possible. He is very appreciative and doesn’t hesitate to show that appreciation. Take time today to look at what gifts we have in our lives and show that appreciation.
Posted By Ted Baumhauer

If you've been reading this blog and looked at my web site you must know by now that I am an avid juggler.  Here's a link to an article outling just another reason why I think it is a great activity. 

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