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Posted By Ted Baumhauer
What? That doesn’t make sense? Well maybe it does. If you have the mindset that you always have to be busy doing something and something productive, then maybe that is getting in your way of discovering excellence.
Everyone’s life is busy. Everyday has a “To Do” list. Whether that list is on paper or in your head I will bet it is full. Between advancing your career and maintaining your personal life there are only so many hours in the day. Oh! And we do have to fit in sleep somewhere. With all the demands for our time, when do we develop our skills and interests, reflect, plan? If we don’t make the time and hold to that every day, week, month or year, time marches on. 
Being one of those imperfect humans I will admit to struggling mightily with this. Those feelings of guilt creep in when I carve out time to practice my juggling or balancing skills. Guilt pops into my head when I sit down during the day to read. My work ethic tells me I could be making calls or doing some other project. 
It takes a conscious effort to control your schedule and time marches on! Your work ethic may be filling your day with work. Is it work that is, preparing you and stretching you to succeed in the future, or only meeting today’s needs?
Is your work ethic getting in your way?Working



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