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Posted By Ted Baumhauer
If you are looking to distinguish yourself in your career one skill that is guaranteed to do that is making great presentations. With programs like Prezi and PowerPoint it has never been easier to make good looking presentations. These are just tools though and just because they might be in your tool box it doesn’t mean you know how to use them well. It can also be easy to become too dependent on them and not how we deliver the message. Here are a few quick tips to make your next presentation more engaging and interesting: -Grab your audience’s attention with sight (color) and sound. I’ve been known to crack a whip, throw a boomerang, or even pop a flash of flame if it fits into the talk. -Working with props: Point it up, make your point with a connection to the prop and make them wait just a little before doing your trick. -Get them to go with you by asking them to invest something more than just sitting there breathing. Ask them to do something. The Learning Pyramid tells us that lecture leads to less than 10% retention, demonstration about 30%, discussion 50%, practice over 70%, and teaching others 90%. Make them invest something of themselves and they will remember your talk and you!



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