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In the past year I have made an effort to get back into the classroom as an instructor.  Well not just the classroom, what I mean is that I'm trying to get myself into more teaching situations whether there is a classroom involved or not.  In doing this I've realized even more that there is a big difference between knowing and being able to do. 

Where this has come to the surface for me this past year is that the students I'm working with can have a discussion about a theory, recognize the concepts on a multiple choice test and even write papers about the concepts....but when I put them into situations to apply the knowledge they often seem lost. 

Now I've noticed this for a number of years so it's not a new thing it's just that I'm noticing it now in the specific context of teaching at the college level.  That's got me to thinking that it says more about the educational system then the students.  Students will live up to, or down to, the expectations of the instructors in order to get the grade they want. 

Do we as teachers/managers/leaders challenge?  Do we push our students/employees beyond the level of tell me what you're going to do into the area of show me?  Do we expect them to apply the knowledge or just know it?  It seems to me that it is an incomplete education to just know something and not to be able to apply that knowledge to our advantage.

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