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Humor at work, is it an oxymoron?
Can you have fun at work? Should you have fun at work? Well the short answer is yes to both. Humor in the workplace is not an oxymoron and in fact has been shown to have positive impact on creativity and productivity in the workplace.   
The effects of humor at work, as long as it is positive humor, are numerous. One interesting effect is that it increases employee citizenship. 
This refers to employees helping each other, being loyal to and showing pride in their organization. 
Fortune Magazine rates the top 100 places to work every year. One of the differences that has shown up between great and good companies is if employees think it is a fun place to work. Employees at great companies report far more often that they work in a fun environment. 

If you want more information I’ve posted a short presentation on line.  If you want to see that short video click the picture of me and the "fish."

 Humor at work?

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